FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions"

The help page:- What is IWTSP? It is a service of transforming Whatsapp number from text into short link. Who does need this service? The service is provided to: The merchants who use social networks as a platform for stalling their products and services, and use Whatsapp application as a basic communication means with the clients. The public figures and their agents whom their work requires sharing their Whatsapp number. Any person desires to share their Whatsapp number through the internet in a simple and flexible way. Is IWTSP a free service? And are there any terms to sign up? IWTSP service is free currently, and there aren't any terms to sign up if you have got a mobile number and use Whatsapp application. How to register on IWTSP? To sign up in IWTSP website be directed to the following link https://iwtsp.com. What is the benefit from signing up on IWTSP website? You get short link to your mobile number, which eases sharing it on the internet, and any person could communicate with you with a single click without the need of saving your number as a contact. You also get the statistics of the number of the visits of your link, the places of visits, and the websites and applications which transferred the visitor to the link. What is the benefit from transforming the number from a text into a short link? Upon transforming the number from a text to a short link, it eases its sharing and trading on social networks, and eases entering a Whatsapp conversation directly without saving the number. I want to transform the Whatsapp number into a short link? Register on the website, then enter the mobile number, click the transformation button, and your number will show up after transforming it into a short link, copy the link, and share it on any application or webpage. Is the service safe and compatible with Whatsapp policy? The service is totally safe, and it doesn’t affect your account or number on Whatsapp, but it is an extra service helps who wants to communicate with you in reaching your Whatsapp number in a click without the need to save your number as a contact, with the consideration of that it doesn’t follow Whatsapp application.