About iwtsp

"IWtsp" is a specified website in transforming the Whatsapp number into a short link, in the purpose of easing the communication process between the social network merchants and their clients. The service is introduced to the merchants whom use social networks as a platform for stalling their products and services, while they use Whatsapp application as a basic communication means with clients. Also, it is introduced to the public figures and their agents whom their work requires sharing their Whatsapp number. And anyone can share their Whatsapp number on the internet in a simple and flexible way. The process of extracting the merchant's number out of their social network page is considered to be one of the obstacles which faces the clients. And every client is supposed to extract the merchant's number and save it as a contact then search about it in the contacts' menu to be able to communicate with the merchant. And it is a bit long process, and it forms an obstacle which faces the client, and the merchant ignores it, with the consideration of that each client repeats these steps every time they want to buy from a merchant on social network. The solution we offer for this problem is transforming the Whatsapp number of the merchant into a short link that they put in their accounts on social networks. And just by visiting the link from the client's side, they are transferred directly into a Whatsapp conversation with the merchant without saving the number. The short link which we introduce to the users is easy to share and trade on social networks, and it appears in a complete form on the personal pages on twitter, Instagram, and else from social communication platforms, with the consideration of that IWSP doesn’t follow Whatsapp application and is not an official service introduced from it.