Terms of usage

"IWTSP" website aims to easing the communication process via Whatsapp application between the merchants of social networks and the clients. And that is through transforming the Whatsapp number from a text into a short link that eases its sharing and trade. And to achieve that we require from our dear users to read the following terms, understand them very well, and commit to them. And in case of disagreement upon those terms, we require from you not to register nor to create a membership in it. Upon registering in "IWTSP" website, you admit to total agreement on all the terms and commit to them. The correctness of the information:- The user is committed to providing the correct information about themselves, and they take full responsibility about any wrong information that they added. Not creating more than one account:- The user is committed not to create more than one account on "IWTSP" website, and if there exists any problem, they shall contact the website administration to solve the problem they are facing. Using the account:- The registered user in "IWTSP" testifies that they have passed eighteen years, and "IWTSP" website has the right of requesting official identifications to investigate their age. The mobile number:- The user is committed to provide their own mobile number only, and they don’t have the right to provide another number which refers to another person. Suspending accounts and requesting documents:- "IWTSP" website has the right to suspend the user's account and all the services related to it upon finding any doubt in the correctness of the data. And the website has the right to request the documents and the official identifications which proves the identity of user and the possession of the mobile number. Terms violation:- "IWTSP" website has the right to suspend the user's account which didn’t commit to the website's terms without referring to them nor alarm them. Accounts suspension:- • Using the link in what it is not specified for "electronic commerce through social network". • Using the link to sell, rent, propagate, or advertise for the prohibited goods and services which is applied in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. • Using the link in sending annoying or harmful messages to others through any electronic or non-electronic mean. • Using the link in the political, religious, or sexual activities. • Using the link in posting and sharing the protected files by the rights of intellectual or possessive property. • Using the link in posting and sharing all of what is opposing to the learnings of Islamic religion. • Using the link in an activity which harms others whether they were persons, governmental, or private directory. • Selling, renting, or disclaiming the link to another person. Suspension of the service:- "IWTSP" website administration works hard to provide the service according to the allowed possibilities for it, and it might get suspended for conditions and reasons which are against its will, and it has the right to suspend the service in anytime without showing reasons and without the agreement or pre-alarming the user. And we don't conceive any costs or damages that might turn up from service's suspension.